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The Dutch Reformed Church in the American Colonies The Dutch Reformed Church in the American Colonies

by DeJong, Gerald F.

A carefully researched history of the RCA from 1628 to 1776, which covers the church’s relation Indians and blacks, internal discord and controversy, and the Americanization of the oldest, continuing Protestant church. "The book "Dutch Reformed Church in the American Colonies" remains the best study of the early years of the Reformed Church in North America. De Jong's careful account takes the readers on a fascinating journey from the establishment of a Dutch church at a mill in New Amsterdam to the early years of an indigenous American denomination. Along the way we become acquainted with issues in the colonial period that are pertinent in the twenty-first century for the Reformed Church in America: church multiplication, leadership training, discipleship, regional tensions, adaptation to cultural changes, worship, and liturgy. De Jong helps us to see that, in many respects, the more things change, the more they remain the same." -The Rev. Dennis N. Voskuil, Ph.D., President and De Witt Professor of Church History, Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan

Paperback, 279 pages, Detailed notes, bibliography, index

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