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Kerk en Wereld Kerk en Wereld

(Een studie over gereformeerden en hun uiteenlopende relaties met televisie in het licht van politiek, cultuur en theologie)

by Polderman, Dr. C.P.

This dissertation analyzes why there is, within the Reformed community in the Netherlands, such a significant difference in the approach to television in the homes. According to the author, the answer to this question must be sought in closely connected church historical, culture historical and theological reasons. In his study, the author extensively surveys the background of each and ties these in with the attitudes of each strain in the Reformed community. Although the subtitle identifies television as a controversial issue much like the unseen parts of an iceberg, is about fundamentals as well as an extensive discourse on the Reformed community in the Netherlands.

Paperback, 400 pages, Bibliography, glossary, index, appendixes, brief English summary, Dutch language, Special import.

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