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Long-term Goal: A Christian University

ICS Strikes Up Affiliation Talks with Alberta College

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TORONTO, Ontario - If its pursuit for affiliation with The Kings University College at Edmonton is successful, the post-graduate Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) may relocate to the Alberta capital. Established in the 1950s by Reformed Christian Dutch immigrants, the ICS' long-goal is to establish a Christian university. Representatives of both institutions held their first exploratory meeting last Fall.

The ICS has appointed Board of Governors' chair E. den Haan, vice chair Mrs. H. Buisman and president H. Fernhout as its representatives for further exploratory discussions with The King's. The Edmonton institution in turn is affiliated with the University of Alberta and operates in an environment which is more favourable to independent education than is Ontario. The King's is located in a former hotel building where it moved a few years ago.

President Fernhout believes the upcoming dialogue has 'exciting possibilities' for his group's goals but warns that the conversation partners have 'committed themselves to a conversation about a possibility, and nothing more.'

The ICS which originally was known as the AACS, for its degree granting program maintains ties with Amsterdam's Free University.