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Brabant journalist Canada-bound for story on pannenkoek chain

De Dutch restaurants a mouse-click away

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ALDERGROVE, British Columbia - Dutch journalist Ed van de Kerkhof just loves pannenkoek (so spelled officially since 1995) for lunch and travels great distances to check out and compare menus. A Saturday supplement editor with Eindhovens Dagblad, Van de Kerkhof admits that his pannenkoek standards were set by his mother's creations and menu. Thick pea soup with a slice of pumpernickel on the side as appetizers followed by a thick pannenkoek topped with many circles of authentic Dutch stroop as the main course. Nothing for him has ever surpassed that splendid, delicious and rich combination.

Groeneveld brothers Rob and Martin who are the second newest franchisees of De Dutch Pannekoek House, a 20-outlet chain mainly located in the Greater Vancouver area, duly noted the visiting Dutchmen's expert advise.

Thanks to the chain's Internet website ' Van de Kerkhof one morning found himself looking at an invitation to visit any of a list of British Columbia locations. Sharing his discovery with his equally surprised Editor-in-Chief who immediately agreed that indeed there was a story to be told, Van de Kerkhof soon was booked on a flight to Vancouver.

The gezellige evening with chain founder G. John Dijs over a game of Dutch shuffleboard turned out to be memorable as was the sightseeing experience of the area. It all added up to a tremendous Dutch pannenkoek experience in Canada, including travel costs, the most expensive ones Van de Kerkhof ever ate. Ever the cautious journalist, Ed promised to send a copy of his story. If more Brabanders rush to Vancouver for pannenkoeken, one can be certain Van de Kerkhof, whose stories appear in many Dutch dailies, sent them.

After a long trip, journalist Ed van de Kerkhof tops his pannekoek with authentic Dutch stroop he found on the Canadian menu. He discovered the De Dutch Pannekoek House chain when searching on the Internet for another pannenkoek experience closer to home.