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Australian attempts to bilk victims out of more money

With promises of information

Tags: Hofman Case Investigation

SURREY, BC - Victims of fugitive accountant Fred S. Hofman, who are looking for tens of millions of dollars, in recent days have been contacted by an Australian who says he can lead them to secret bank accounts where funds are being held. The man who purports to be operating with a partner, wants anywhere from US$5,000 to US$50,000 before disclosing any information.

The Australian, who identifies himself as John Abraham, a common name in that country, offered his services to accountant David Pel, a member of the committee struck by Hofman's victims. Pel now acts as financial advisor for a relative who entrusted a short-term investment of $1.4 million to Hofman. Pel was asked to personally bring US$200,000 cash to Australia for Abraham's information although the man later agreed that the funds could be deposited in trust with a Canadian law firm.

'Abraham' passed himself off as someone having inside information on Hofman. According to Pel, the informant was extremely vague about the data supposedly in his possession but seemed to be acquainted with Hofman. 'People should be aware of this attempt to bleed Hofman's victims once again', says Pel, who finds it despicable that widows and elderly investors are put on the ropes again in the hope that they may recover their lost funds.

After a nearly two-year investigation by the RCMP, Hofman was charged with thirty counts of fraud and theft earlier this spring.