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‘Experience Holland’ aims at adventure traveller

Six new promotion themes

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AMSTERDAM - A comprehensive plan to market the Netherlands as a tourist destination that also provides adventure, recently was unveiled by Toerisme Recreatie Nederland. ‘Experience Holland’ is based on six themes and aims at a new generation of travellers who are looking for adventure and participation in their holidays.

Challenging companies who operate in a broader tourism sector to be more daring, TRN envisions a home country that is an ideal destination for any kind of stay. Nowadays, recreation and physical participation are intricately linked, and tourists want to ‘escape and temporarily be transported to another world in which they experience something new,’ according to TRN.


Both the diversity and its compactness makes the Netherlands singularly unique with its huge range of destinations and adventures. TRN aims its promotion at the Dutch homemarket and at Europe.

The promotion plan provides a vision on the future of tourism and commercial travel market. Funded by the Department of Economic Affairs, the TRN report was written in cooperation with representatives of the tourism industry, provinces and municipalities, and educators as well as so-called trendwatchers and captains of industry.

TRN’s six themes are Art, Culture and History; Amsterdam Plus; Nederland Waterland; Coast & Sea; Attractions; and Nature and Recreation.