Saxon sexton puff pudding

Saksische zondagspudding

Tags: Breads & Puddings Desserts & Pies

125 grams butter
4 eggs
125 grams sugar
sachet vanilla sugar
200 grams flour
110 ml milk
75 grams raisins
25 grams currants
25 grams candied peel
2 tbsp cognac

Stir the butter until creamy. Splice the eggs. Beat the yolks until foamy and stir into the butter. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar. Sift the flour over a bowl and bit-by-bit fold flour, alternating with milk through the butter/egg mix. Add the raisins, currants, candied peel and cognac. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold it through the pudding. 

Grease a covered pudding form or bread pan and pour in the mix. Cover - a pan with foil - and boil the pudding au Bain Marie (in other words, ‘floating’ in a larger pan of water) for about 90 minutes. Serve with fresh fruit.