Veluwe-style veal& chicken livers

Veluwse kalfsrolletje

Tags: Meats & Fish

100 grams chicken livers
50 grams cooked ham
4 125-gram veal schnitzels
1 onion
3 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour
3 tbsp tomato paste
salt and pepper
fresh parsley
100 ml sour cream
cup white wine
cup beef stock from cube
pinch powdered sage
Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce

Clean and halve the livers. Peel and mince the onion. Fry the livers in a tablespoon of butter, together with the onion. Salt and pepper to taste. Chop the livers and mix the meat with chopped ham, chopped parsley, and sage a dash or two of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Sprinkle the schnitzels with salt and pepper and spoon on the liver mix. Roll them up and secure the rolls with toothpicks. Roll them through the flour. Heat the rest of the butter and fry the schnitzel rolls till browned on all sides.

Add wine, tomato paste and stock and gently cook the meat another 15 minutes. Take them from the pan. Add some of the juice to the sour cream, blend in the flour and then scoop the sour cream into the pan to thicken the sauce.

Pour the sauce over the schnitzel rolls and serve with rice and a tomato-iceberg salad.