Bacon-wrapped Hamburger Rolls


Tags: Meats & Fish

400 grams hamburger (mixed beef and pork)
8 slices of bacon or Italian pancetta
1 onion, 3 tomatoes
2 'beschuiten' or breadcrumbs
1 egg yolk
salt, pepper, nutmeg
100 grams butter or margarine

Finely chop the onion and saute it some of the butter. Put the fried onions to the side. Finely grate the beschuiten or breadcrumbs and mix it with the meat and egg yolk, and add salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste. Divide the mix into four parts, (thick) sausage-shaped. Wrap each roll (or 'croquette') in two slices of bacon or pancetta, one counterwise to the other. Quick fry the meat-bacon rolls in the remaining butter. Skin and divide the tomatoes into four, take out the seeds and add the sections to the pan. Put the lid on and simmer rolls and tomatoes for 10 minutes.

The name 'slavinken' (originally 'slagvinken') comes from the shape of the wrapped roll which makes them look like small birds, such as the 'vink' (finch). A 'slagvink' is a finch with a distinguished tone. A similar meat dish is the 'blindevink' or 'blind finch', the expression taken from the fact that finches in warbling contests seemed to perform better if they were hooded. A 'blindevink' is hamburger rolled in thin sliced of veal.