Stuffed Omelet

Gevulde omelet

Tags: Meats & Fish Eggs & Cheese

4 eggs
200 grams lean ground beef
1 small onion
¼ green pepper
80 grams grated cheese
1 glass of sherry
50 grams butter 
salt and pepper
paprika powder
4 tbsp milk

Peel and chop the onion and dice the the green pepper. Sautee onion and pepper in 25 grams of butter. Add the ground beef and fry it till is gray and crumbly. Add salt, pepper, paprika powder, Tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce, and the sherry. Simmer for five minutes. 

Break the eggs, add the milk, beat them lightly. Add salt and pepper for taste. Cook two omelettes in the remaining butter. Finally, just before ready add the grated cheese to the beef mixture, spoon it on the omelettes, fold them over and serve.