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GoDutch is committed to a revolutionary approach to business banking that prioritizes fairness and transparency. Launched on May 29, 2024, GoDutch offers an innovative solution that makes visible all the income traditional banks earn and returns up to 70% of these earnings to its users. This initiative is part of our commitment to fair financial redistribution, active support of social and sustainable projects, and the mission to achieve a climate-positive status within two years. By encouraging users to contribute to socially relevant initiatives, GoDutch redefines the concept of ‘fair banking’ in the Netherlands and Europe.

In addition to focusing on sustainability and customer benefits, GoDutch offers business customers quick access to payment services, such as a Dutch IBAN within three hours, and other functionalities that meet contemporary business needs. Our collaboration with the French payment services provider Swan ensures high safety standards and protection of funds under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

With initiatives like greening five square meters of African savannah per user each month and partnerships with leading charitable organizations, GoDutch aims to make a positive impact on both the planet and the community. GoDutch is a movement towards a better world, where every transaction contributes to fairness and sustainability.

Our press releases

Below you will find our most recent press releases. They are intended to keep you informed of the latest developments and innovations at GoDutch:

GoDutch Launch (May 2024)
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