The best protection

Advanced security measures, including biometric login methods, continuous monitoring, and strong data encryption, provide robust protection against unauthorized access and fraud.

Guarantee up to €100,000

Funds are securely held in segregated accounts by one of the safest banks in Europe. Additionally, the EU's Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive (DGSD) applies to Swan's business accounts, protecting funds deposited in the account up to €100,000.

Continuous Monitoring

Your account is safeguarded by meticulous monitoring for fraud and other malicious activities. Additionally, Mastercard 3D Secure provides extra protection for card payments worldwide.

Biometric Security

Logging in with facial recognition is considered one of the safest methods. Moreover, biometric data is stored locally and encrypted, reducing the risk of external hacks and data theft.

Data Encryption

Your data is safeguarded by the highest standards of encryption to protect it from unauthorized access.
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